COLA’S clean energy Go Verde Incubator Campus is being designed to provide compliant operating facilities and technical assistance for social equity cannabis cultivation, manufacturing and distribution entrepreneurs. COLA’s strategic and synergistic partnerships by and between industry leading companies, social equity entrepreneurs and emerging companies will co-exist within a vertically integrated ecosystem and will foster innovation and access to cannabis industry business ownership and facilitate the elements required to help urban entrepreneurs sustain operations and thrive.

The GoVerde Incubator is being established on 62nd Street and 61st Street in the Good Year Industrial Tract located in Council District 9.  GoVerde offers dedicated and shared work space designed and infused with methodologies to motivate creativity and innovation.  The GoVerde innovation-centered business operations and service model is inspired by the clean-tech La Kretz Innovation Campus based in downtown Los Angeles.   COLA has engaged the innovative companies housed at La Kretz to foster opportunities for sustainability and technological advancement within the cannabis industry and to showcase innovations being developed in the GoVerde incubator.

GoVerde will help to achieve economies of scale to produce high-quality 100% natural cannabis products and offer competitive pricing and promotions for each of its incubatees.   GoVerde will negotiate to secure priority shelf space in COLA affiliated retail cannabis stores for co-packaged brands developed in the incubator.  GoVerde entrepreneurs will also have the capacity to white label products for our affiliate licensed retail cannabis stores helping them to brand their identity and target market specific demand within their local trade areas.  

GoVerde's environmentally conscious business practices will include sustainable building design and operations methodologies that meet city, state and federal guidelines such the use low energy and/or non-volatile extraction methodologies in our manufacturing processes which will reduce energy consumption and potential air pollutants; utilization of LED and plasma lights in the cultivation lab; a continual showcase innovative sustainable solutions created by entrepreneurs; utilization of pesticide-free and organic pest management and cleaning solutions; and utilization of 100% recycled packaging for all products.  

As a sustaining member of the Think and Grow Lab accelerator hub which was created to promote access to the “new green economy”, GoVerde incubatees will receive industry specific consulting services to promote operational compliance, business development and employee job training.  The services offered through Think and Grow Lab are a quintessential element of the COLA ecosystem sustainability strategy and efforts to build compliant and commercialized ventures.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the incubator please email

Cannabis of Los Angeles Clean Energy Go Verde Incubator

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Cannabis of Los Angeles (COLA) is the first of its kind brand and enterprise development company created to incubate urban entrepreneurs within its operating companies and to accelerate the development of social equity cannabis related companies.

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