Cannabis Salon @ Kaos Network

This salon will be a gathering of cannabis industry incubator entities and service providers, social service agencies, non-profit economic development intermediaries and impacted community members seeking social equity, economic parity and justice.   


Panel I - Cannabis Health & Wellness Benefits - How Can Art Educate - Not Appropriate!

  • Ben Caldwell, Founder, Kaos Network and Sankofa City
  • 3 Ellaments

Panel II - Insights on Cannabis Business Innovation, Operations and Opportunities

  • Bryant Mitchell, CEO, Blaqstar Farms and Operator, California Cannabis Crenshaw
  • Nic Karll, CEO, Eco Packaging Solutions
  • Circe Wallace, President, Hot Nife

Panel III - Social Equity Programs, Funding and Incubators - What Are the Solutions?

  • Dani Shaker, Co-Founder, Cannabis of Los Angeles, Think and Grow Lab and Muthatree
  • Cheryl Branch, Founder, Green Believers
  • Jake Gildea, Community Impact Director, TELOS
  • Fanny Guzman, Co-Founder, Latinos for Cannabis
  • Melek Dexter, Founder, The Black Planter Party


Sherri Franklin, Leimert Park Village Thought Leader and Co-Founder of Cannabis of Los Angeles, Think and Grow Lab and Muthatree

We will be Joined by  California State Senator Steven Bradford to Discuss How We Can Work to Make Sure his Bill to Fund Social Equity Programs Passes! 

Check Out His Bill

The event will follow the Leimert Park Art Walk and Annual Festival of Masks.  Please email for information booth set-up



Visit the City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation  website page to read the updated  regulations and Social Equity program information.

Click Here for California Cannabis Licensing Regulations


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