Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - Deep Dive

September 28, 2017


See Workshop Agenda Here

Thank you to all who attended are September 28, 2017 Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Deep Dive Workshop.  As a follow-up, please read the Commercial Cannabis Activity Requirements and begin to fill out the mock application.  We are working to garner standard operating procedure information, equipment specifications from various vendors and template documents to assist you with completing your application. 

Key application elements that you can work on to get going with your application: 

  1. Read, reread and then read the City and State regulations again and again.  You can read the City regulations PowerPoint we prepared, however, we won’t have a State Powerpoint ready until they release the new requirements later this month. 
  2. Determine the type of license application(s) you plan to submit. 
  3. Research and document the elements of the required standard operating procedures.
  4. Determine what type of products you will offer. 
  5. Research and select your vendors.
  6. Track your estimated start-up cost and proposed operating cost. 
  7. Select a compliant site.  Use the City’s maps.
  8. Determine your acquisition or lease cost. 
  9. Work with design and construction professionals to assess the improvements and cost required to layout your proposed floor plan. 
  10. Gather and document owner and investor financial information.
  11. Select your management team members and determine how many and what type of staff you will need.
  12. Make contact with the Neighborhood Council and Councilmember for your site area.
  13. Think about the type of community benefits you would like to offer. 


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